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    SuperMax YMC30 Crusader M controller

    Looking for some help on a Supermax YMC30 with Crusader M controls. Looking to try and get a CNC have looked at Tormach, Novakon benchtop types but a used cheap Supermax YMC30 came up. Unit was running but now won't full boot up, Mechanical and electrical condition is good otherwise. Wondering cost wise if the servo motors/drives are good it looks like I could get away with an ajax system "all in one" or an MPU11/GP package both @ 2400. Are there any other cheaper options if drives are good other than swapping in a new motor and control system? Thoughts on rigidity compared to the tormach/novakon for cnc use? Mainly cutting aluminum and a bit a steel.

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    Re: SuperMax YMC30 Crusader M controller

    If it won't boot, first check the fuses, then check the power supply. My 5 volt section failed so I hooked a computer power supply to supply the 5 volt to the system, worked fine for a couple of years until I got around to the upgrade.

    It looks like the ajax system would work fine. I'm still using my original DC motors and drives.
    Jim Dawson
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    Re: SuperMax YMC30 Crusader M controller

    Hey Fritts, It's hard to tell without a picture- but it sounds like you have the EXACT SuperMax YCM-30 Milling Machine that I have! I gutted all of the Anilam stuff (except for the digital readout) - and re-did mine with Larken Viper Servo Drivers, CNC4PC Break Out Board, US Digital Encoders (I couldn't get anything to read the old glass scales), slaved it to a Windows XP computer with a parallel port. I run Mach-3 on it. It runs like a champ. Here's a link to my website where I talk about the build that I did with my dog, Meko CNC-Joe's WorkShop: CNC Projects - Annies Upgrade: If you have any questions - please post them here and send me a private message to let me know you've posted a question. I'd like to see the CNC Zone grow with the free exchange of information.
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