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    Acorn relay board

    I have a couple questions ...one does acorn activate the relay on the relay board in the case of a e stop ..the wiring diagram for acorn to dyn4 shows the relay for estop but it shows it normally open to the contactor was just wondering how thats going to work ...another question is the meanwell 24 volt power supply big enough to supply power to the contactor and another contactor for my router plus power up acorn and all those relays or am i going to need a bigger power supply the one i have is rated for 1 amp its the one for 24volt and 5volt

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    Re: Acorn relay board

    A good number of the relay configurations will DEactivate when an estop event is detected. You can use an output configured as "OkFaultOut". It will activate once the software boots up and deactivate when reset or estop is activated.

    Most small relays will pull <50mA, contactors~100. Total them up and try to keep them under 500mA. You can test with a voltmeter. Measure power supply voltage with nothing other than Acorn connected, then connect the rest and see if the voltage drops more than a few tenths of a volt
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