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    Y axis not repeating

    Hello all. I have a fineline automation cnc router with a gecko 540 ESS warp9 smooth stepper and I finished my build however my y axis does not repeat. When cutting around a rectangle the X is fine but the Y loses about .05 per pas but not on a constant basis. I have Mach 4 set at 1735 steps per with velocity of 400 and accel of 25. My machine had linear guides and a rack and pinion. I'm lost and any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Re: Y axis not repeating

    Can you try swapping motors around so a different axis is controlling the X and Y? You will need to change your pins in Mach4 as well. I want to see if the problem stays on the Y axis or if it tracks a specific drive on the G540.

    My gut feeling is that this is a problem with either too aggressive of an acceleration profile or too high of a speed for the given power supply voltage. What is your power supply's voltage and current rating?
    Marcus Freimanis

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