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    Kinetix 6000 interfacing

    Hello all,
    Im hunting gathering for my next rev of CNC machine and came into some Kinetix 6000 servos, drives and sercos equipped PLC's. Any AB/Rockwell experts that can fill me in on the interfacing possibilities. I've been using Yaskawa Sigma V which has easy phase, up/down, forward/reverse inputs that work nicely with Linux CNC. Is this possible with the Kinetix system, it's nice stuff but not sure about what I'm getting into with it... Just the software is making me skeptical about moving forward with it...but not quite ready to give up on it yet. The plan B is to sell it off and get the Yaskawa stuff I've grown accustomed to.
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    What type of rockwell PLC would you be using with it?
    What software do you currently have of rockwell?
    Studio5000, rslogix 5000, rslogix 500?

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    Re: Kinetix 6000 interfacing

    It came with Logix 5343 (1768) PLC with the Sercos and ethernet interfaces and 24 ports of relay I/O.
    I don't at present have any of the SW, seems really pricey...

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