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    What can you do with Google and 3d printer

    Just a newbie having fun!!!!! lets see where this leads too

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    Re: What can you do with Google and 3d printer

    In before the naysayers jump all over it screaming "NOT RIGID, WILL NEVER WORK, HOW U EXPECT 2 HOG ADAMANTIUM WIF DAT?"

    Looks like someone's having fun, which is important.
    Any 3 axis machine, regardless of how lightweight it performs, gives you hands on experience with the whole subtractive manufacturing, CAM, g-code etc which is super valuable.
    Making the inevitable mistakes of plowing tooling into the machine (we all dunnit) are going to be a lot less painful and less expensive on a machine like this.
    And a super lightweight frame? If you ever go up to a bigger machine, you can convert this to carry a little diode laser (2 - 5W) when you're ready for engraving purposes. Nothing lost!

    Grand stuff, keep us posted on progress.

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    Re: What can you do with Google and 3d printer

    Anyone who says "It only goes together one way" has no imagination.

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    Re: What can you do with Google and 3d printer

    Thanks, the plan is to start small, Ive been in automation PLC for 20 years taught my self CNC code, worked for a aerospace R&D 3D waterjet proto type stuff, now just want to build my own. I built a pen plotter, then my neighbor gave me a butt load of T slot and now its game on. This will be a dremel milling machine mostly just to teach my kids about automation then I plan on building a CNC plasma table we will see. Its amazing how much open source there is these days.

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