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    Question Best tooling for cutting pine 21mm thick

    Hi all,

    We've recently purchased a new CNC (our first) for our workshop. We cut almost exclusively pine boards in to various component to manufacturing wildlife habitats. The timber boards we use are 21mm thick, 245mm wide and 2000mm long.

    As this is our first dive in to the world of CNC machining, theres quite a bit to take in and get our heads around. We're looking for any advice that CNC veterans might have on tooling requirements and what we should purchase to start off with? Our focus is primarily on cutting those 21mm pine boards with reasonable speed and efficiency. Is there a CNC cutter that can do this is a single pass, or is multiple passes going to be the best option?

    The CNC we've just bought is a BCAM BCM2040C with a 2000mm*6000mm*200mm working area.

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    Hi Jason,
    Where are you from? If the "NZ" in your nickname is for New Zealand the best way to go is SANCO, they have great service and can help you for tooling. https://www.sancotooling.co.nz/

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