China is the world's processing factory and a major exporter. Most of the world's living products are made in China and exported from China. China's manufacturing industry is also quite developed.
The most manufactured in China is plastic products.
development trend
1. Integration of manufacturing technology and new high technology
On the basis of continuous breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies in the plastics industry, we will focus on the core technologies of the current commonalities. The acceleration of technological advancement will give plastic materials and plastic products more new functions to meet the needs of the world economy.
2. Nowadays more common digital and intelligent manufacturing technology
Digital and intelligent technology is the common enabling technology for product innovation and manufacturing technology innovation, and profoundly reforms the production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry. It is the core technology of the new industrial revolution.
3. Lightweight, precise, clean production and ecological.
Lightweight technology will bring significant convenience to the development of the plastics industry. In the future, the use of lightweight materials in automobiles, airplanes, and rail transit will become more and more extensive; precision is an embodiment of advanced molding technology in the plastics industry, which is of great significance to the industry; clean production and ecologicalization. To create a new world for energy saving and emission reduction in the plastics processing industry.
Choose the advantages of
Chinese plastics manufacturers
1. Be able to meet the completed order quantity quickly and quickly.
2. Similar manufacturing products in China have lower manufacturing costs.
3. Can meet a variety of different needs.
How to choose among many Chinese plastic manufacturers?
Location, Ningbo is the preferred city. It is convenient to transport near the sea. It is also a concentrated place for the development of plastic manufacturing technology. It has an advanced equipment production line for intelligent machines. It is a place where the orderer is worth buying.
Airlen plastic products manufacturer, as a well-known plastic manufacturer in Ningbo, specializes in the production and wholesale of various household items, kitchen utensils, travel goods, home decorations, storage boxes, hangers, hangers, etc. Worked with countries such as Australia, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany. Won wide recognition and endorsement.
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