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    Good source online for cast acrylic sheets to cut with CO2 laser?

    I'm trying to find a reasonable cost, good quality source for cast acrylic sheets (1/8" - 1/2" width), 24" x 48".

    I have bought a few sheets from Amazon, and they cut well, but took quite a while to ship to me and were fairly expensive (though possibly that's just how much cast acrylic costs).

    I just tried to order from Professional Plastics (https://www.professionalplastics.com) but had a bad experience and wound up cancelling the order.

    I'm considering Acme Plastics (https://www.acmeplastics.com/) now.

    Can anyone share where they order their cast acrylic sheets from?

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    Re: Good source online for cast acrylic sheets to cut with CO2 laser?

    24x48 anything is going to cost quite a bit to ship and you can save quite a bit if you buy local and pick it up. Try Googling "acrylic sheet near me" and you should get a few hits. If you happen to be in an area served by McMaster-Carr, I've had good luck with cast acrylic bought from them.


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