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    Need professional advice- Alphacam+SCM+Homag

    Need professional advice.

    For a start, a small introduction
    I have experience of working on 3 coordinate of Chinese machines under the control of a nc studio. I worked in the program Alphacam- set up a postprocessor thanks to the help of respected FrankCNC and Maroslav4. Over time, he learned how to make complex kitchen fronts and kitchen windows.
    Now I switched to a new job, where no one works with the CAM program. Machine SCM record 250, Homag Weeke Optimat BHC 550 and Homag venturo 316- 5- axis.
    I didn’t intend to study Xilog and Woodwop, however, I encountered difficulties because these machines have their own formats. I'm used to working in G code.
    I found the postprocessors for SCM and Homag- some uploaded to the forum dear FrankCNC.

    Hence the questions
    1- Is it possible to have only the knowledge of Alphacam and the necessary postprocessor to do the correct programs in G code without studying the xylog and woodwop?- my task is to do only programs, since the operator works on the machine

    2-The second question comes out of the first. After testing the postprocessors and looking at the code, I immediately saw the differences when generating the G code - before generating the code, the post asks for many values, as I guessed related to the processing area, the starting point, etc. I used to work on a Chinese machine with only one fixed starting point (workpiece coordinate) - so I didn’t need to enter additional values when generating the G code from Alfacam in which the workpiece was always in X0 Y0. Plug and play.
    Accordingly, if we find in the code the values that are responsible for the processing zones, is it possible to remove unnecessary ones in the postprocessor, provided that the workpiece will always be processed from one place on the machine? (As far as I know, on the machines where the stops go there and the coordinates of the workpiece. All machines work in the standard ISO , so the postprocessor can be corrected by analogy with the code. With the exception of 5 axial machine. )

    3-The third question follows from the second)
    Do I understand correctly - the capabilities of a professional CAM program exceed the capabilities of the program on the machine?
    Or is it a matter of habit?

    The idea is this: since in production they only program on machines and programs made on one machine, they cannot be processed on another machine - PGM and MPR. All unify and lead to the same standard of work, Alphacam and different machines.

    In my opinion, this postprocessor was placed by the respected Frank. Alphacam wraps trajectories when choosing this postprocessor, but the code does not look like 5 axes.
    Is it a 5 or 4 axial postprocessor?

    Database Name: HOMAG WOODWOP Router
    Control : WoodWop 5.0.775.999
    Machine : Homag
    Units : MM
    Axes Used : XYZABC
    Coord.System : Absolute
    X Axis : Normal
    Y Axis : Normal
    Z-Axis : Normal
    Customer :
    Contact :
    Tel :
    Fax :
    Dealer Name :
    Post Author : FrankN
    Ver 1 Date : 03/02/2012
    Notes :
    Edit History :

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    Re: Need professional advice- Alphacam+SCM+Homag

    Hi Alexsandr,

    You need to clear your PM inbox so you can receive more PM's


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    Re: Need professional advice- Alphacam+SCM+Homag

    The CAM package has no bearing on the machine. The machine simply does exactly as it is told. Go here that fast is about it. It is a post processor issue you are having. It should be pretty easy to open up the post, find the header and footer, and change to what you need.

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