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    Esprit Cam Vise


    Is it possible to insert a functional vise in Esprit Cam? For instance, if I declare my stock as 30x100x100, i want to be able to open my vise and insert my stock there.
    I have seen some videos where there was a vise inserted but it didn't show how.

    Also, it would be interesting to use this vise as a template.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Esprit Cam Vise

    Click image for larger version. 

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    is this what you want???

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    Re: Esprit Cam Vise

    yes. and depending on the size of my part, I want to open or close the vise. Thx

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    Re: Esprit Cam Vise

    In esprit 2018 you have to make assembly of your part or stock and vice, and then import it to your program. For functional vice, you have to use Esprit TNG.

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    Re: Esprit Cam Vise

    It's very complicated but here's a short version. You need to create models of the components you want to use in simulation. Pick, then save as .stl files into a folder for later use. Go Solid Mill machine setup / Assembly... Here's where you will add new .stl files for the axis you want to keep in the template. Now save as .est file. I have several machines setup like this however, it's time consuming and it slows down simulation if not done correctly. Another way is this. I have all the vise models and indexer modeled on my table and save that as Mazak 700D setup. But when I simulate I only setup the vise jaws to show up and that can be done in simulate / simulation parameters. That is all I need to see if I can clear everything safely. It's cool to see it in simulation but not needed. Here's some sample pics of my setup. Hope this helps..
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mazak 1 Table setup.jpg   Mazak 2 Table setup.jpg   Mazak 3 Table setup.JPG   Mazak 4 Table setup.JPG  

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