It so happens that my new 80mm water cooled spindle is almost a match to the ID of 3” PVC pipe so I decided to make a dust boot. I used what I had on hand which was a 45 and straight pipe. I don’t have much vertical distance between the holder and the collet, only about 3” so I knew I was going to have to squash the 45 to minimize the height. I traced the radius onto the 45 and cut it out with a bandsaw. Then I used screws, glue and little nails on An angel to bond the two pieces together. You always need mechanical anchors for plastic as most glues just aren’t good enough. Squishing the fitting made it wider than the straight PVC so I filled the gap with a mixture of wood dust and epoxy. I primed it with a plastic primer and painted with hammered black. I made a small ring at the bottom that I will attach a brush to. Since the ring slides off I can make different size brushes for different cutting tool lengths