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    granite 1340 cnc conversion and cad cam questions

    I have a 3 in 1 smithy 1220 that i do a ton of work on, but im in need of making more parts a little faster


    I picked up a granite 1340 lightly used and am going to convert it to cnc 3 axis

    I am planning to convert it to ball screws and use the direct drive stepper motors as were used by the guy who posted his 1220 conversion here

    Now the questions...

    Ball screw size, i see that most people use 20mm ball screws on the z axis and 16mm on the x axis, with the lathe being a 1340 would using the 20mm on the z axis be a little small or flexible?

    Where is a good quality on a budget stepper motor supplier, what brand, I have seen kits on ebay, but i have no idea if any of it is any good

    Once the machine is assembled where would i start? i picked up fusion 360 and have been playing with it drawing all of the parts in the cam section, but then what, what is the fastest most straight forward way to hit the ground running making simple parts, have near zero cnc experience, such as which software, programming, etc

    I know you guys can save me a lot of headache

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    Re: granite 1340 cnc conversion and cad cam questions

    another question.....

    if i did the conversion similar to the smithy setup using toothed pulleys and kept manual control I am assuming that i would have a slower machine, however, could a remedy for the slower speed be the use of more powerful stepper motors and less reduction in ratio of the stepper motor to the axis drive pulleys be a fix?

    does anyone have tooth counts or diameters of the pulleys on the smithy cnc conversion kit for the 1320 granite?

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