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    Bit Profiles That Don't Quite Match

    I have a bit, that doesn't exactly match the available bits in DeskProto for milling.

    For example, I have a this bit:

    1/32" Dia x 1" Cut Height x 6.2º Tapered Angle Ball Nose Tip x 1/4 Shank ZrN Coated 3-Flute Solid Carbide 2D and 3D Carving Router Bit
    The closest bit in the menu is a "Ball nose, radius 0.4 = diameter 0.8 mm"

    Can you add bits, or adjust existing ones with settings?


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    Yes, you can add cutters. As long as they are one of the supported shapes. Look through the menus. (no idea how the menu I'd called in your language)

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    Haben Sie vielen Dank!

    Your English is much better than my internet-assisted Deutsch!

    I was able to find the menu item and copy/edit a bit. The DeskProto "Help" was helpful when I wanted to know what the "free length" was.


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