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    Which CNC machine and software for making jewellery?

    Hello, I'm new to CNC milling and I would like to purchase a CNC machine for jewellery production. I'm interested in 4 axis machine. Budget up to 2000 euro approximately. Which one would you recommend for making wax models (which later would be used in gold and silver casting machine)? Where can I buy this machine (Europe)?
    Also I would like to know which software is best for designing jewellery?

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    Re: Which CNC machine and software for making jewellery?

    That's about enough money for a Sherline CNC mill, which comes, optionally, with a 4th axis attachment. Shipment from the US might push it over your budget, though.

    As for the software, it really depends on what sort of jewelry you're designing, and what features you need to make your models effectively.
    Andrew Werby

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