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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Feb 2013

    Can RhinoCAM do adaptive clearing?


    I'm just looking around the various CAM softwares to compare and see that Fusion 360 does adaptive clearing, which for my machine looks very useful.

    Can RhinoCAM do adaptive clearing also?


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    Re: Can RhinoCAM do adaptive clearing?


    We call this high speed cut pattern and can be found in RhinoCAM's 2-axis roughing, pocketing, slot machining and 3-axis roughing operations. Available in Standard configuration & above.
    You can sign up for a demo to download here: https://mecsoft.com/demo-rhinocam/

    Let me know in case we can help.

    Quelly del Mundo
    MecSoft Corporation

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    Neuer Benutzer
    Join Date
    Feb 2013

    Re: Can RhinoCAM do adaptive clearing?

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Thats good to know

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