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    setup for tilted 4th axis in MADCAM

    Folks: I am trying to set up a 4th axis (rotary) in MADCAM. I can set one up with the rotation axis aligned with the X or Y axis. I need to set up a rotary axis that is tilted about Y toward the positive X axis by 5 degrees. I need this to cut the sides of elliptical cylindrical boxes that have curved inside and outside surfaces. If the sides were straight I could just use the X, Y, and z axes. I can set the tilted axis up using 4 axis or 5 axis setup in MADCAM and choose the rotary axis in the simultaneous 4 axis dialog box. However, when I do that the rotary clipping planes are very weird, extending many times beyond the z limit of the part. Any attempt to redimsion them to near the size of the part results in useless limits and the resulting toolpaths are useless. So the question is can MADCAM set up a tilted rotary axis? I am using a 3 axis router with B slaved to Y, so need to use A to run the rotary. I would appreciate some detailed setup help.


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    Re: setup for tilted 4th axis in MADCAM

    I have no idea. I haven't seen such a setup but there are some really funky machines running under MadCAM so I am pretty sure you can make it somehow. I think your best bet is an e-mail directly to Joakim and ask.

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