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    Polygonized G2/G3 Arcs

    Since I switched to the MK3 (with old CNC-USB software) I noticed that circles and arcs cut with G2 and G3 commands come out visibly as polygons. It is not much and can be sanded away but this is not desired. I don't believe this happened with the old MK2/9 controller, although I am not totally sure.

    Is there a way in "settings" to improve the polygon resolution or to just cut a clean circle/arc?

    Also, when enabling "path blend", the machine often accelerates and decelerates much slower than specified in settings, before approaching a sharp corner (less than lookahead angle). So I turned "path blend" off and the machine behaves normally but I was wondering if that is intended behavior.
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    Re: Polygonized G2/G3 Arcs

    Make sure helix interpolation is not disabled.
    Send your g-code and settings to our support if you still have problems.

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