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    SolidCam Won't Recognize Tool in ToolCrib

    Hi all,

    Created a custom tool crib, added a face mill, specified everything I could about it. I can create a 2.5 axis operation and manually select that tool as the tool to use, no issues. SolidCam recognizes it and adds it, creates the toolpath, and then can correctly simulate everything. However, it will not automatically add it when I extract machinable features from the sldprt.

    It extracts a "Face Feature". Then I hit generate operation plan. The message windows returns:
    "Face Feature3 satisfies feature condition : 171 in TechDb. Generating 1 operations for the feature condition.

    Face Mill could not be generated for Face Feature3 because the matching tool was not found in the toolcrib. TechDb ID: 171"

    Even though my toolcrib shows a 3.1496" Face Mill as T02. What gives? Why won't it add it as the tool? Do I need to specify some other way that the face mill I created is for all face milling operations? Not sure how to add photos, first time I've used this forum. I created the part myself, really simple part. A 10.75" square rectangular block with some open pockets on each corner to account for bolts that go through.
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