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    Fusion 360 Postprocessor for DM1007 mill

    Has anyone found a suitable 3-axis post processor for Fusion360 that's workable on the Dyna 4M controller? Doesn't have to be perfect, but close would be good.

    I have acquired a Dyna DM1007 mill, and after a little work it's functioning fantastic - however manually entering code on the control is getting pretty tiring.

    Has anyone tried, as an aside, doing a swap of the floppy drive on the control for one of those USB-to-floppy emulator drives?

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    Re: Fusion 360 Postprocessor for DM1007 mill

    For future reference - so far it appears that the Mach3Mill post is usable for standard milling operations; it seems to work fine on the Dyna 4M control and the basic M codes are all doing the right stuff. The only note so far I have is to force IJK for arcs if possible as the control seems fussy about the R address. I have not tried any canned cycles or rigid tapping yet.

    The Fanuc post may also work - that one gives you the option to explicitly force IJK. I haven't had time yet but I will try it once I have thoroughly tested the Mach3Mill post for compatibility.

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