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    MX4660 and Mach3 Loader

    I setup Mach3 on a XP Home computer (it has necessary requirements for Mach3-fresh install of XP Home SP3). When I go to open the MX4660 profile, it freezes my computer and I have to power it down. If I go to load Mach3 Mill, it opens without issue.

    I was running Mach3 on a laptop with a TB6560 board, so as a test, I put the MX4660 XML file in Mach3 folder and it loaded there just fine...

    Any suggestions as to the problem?

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    Re: MX4660 and Mach3 Loader

    Corrupt .xml file.
    Very common with Mach3.
    Always make a backup when you have everything working properly.

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