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    Re: Partner 1 Series H - Problem with Video

    41 is the mcode that calls O9020. If may be in your program folders.

    when you hit the reset button before you home the machine does the red led labled reset on the spindle drive turn on?

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    Re: Partner 1 Series H - Problem with Video

    I will check tonight. Not sure on that one.

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    Re: Partner 1 Series H - Problem with Video

    Ok so new developments since i have the actual schematic for my machine:

    The servo motor has (3) speed ranges. Low, medium and high. They are selected by actuating different contactors in the contactor panel.

    Low Speed is MC10 and MC1G (Wye series)
    Medium Speed is MC18, MC1C and MC10 (Wye parallel)
    High speed is MC1A, MC18 and MC1C (Delta)

    These contactors are actuated by the small board at the bottom right of the box.

    TBU-3, TBV-6 actuate MC10
    TBV-3 actuates MC1G
    TBU-6, TBX-3 actuates MC18
    TBX-6 actuates MC1A
    TBU-6, TBX-3 actuates MC1C

    There's a small PC relay board at the bottom right side of the panel. This controls the contactors. There are 4 of them and they are CR40, CR41, CR42 and CR43. From what i've read on posts from Sportybob, these relays are controlled with Mcodes to select speeds. The Mcodes require a macro in the RAM directory. i'm willing to bet i do not have these as my board batteries were dead.

    Does anyone have a copy of these macros for a Partner 1 series H? Looks to be here:"From the main menu; Go to F10 (util), F8 ( info), F6 (ram). It will show you the files that are located in the “RAM” directory., they are m code files.


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    Re: Partner 1 Series H CSM 09000 files

    Forum wont allow uploading blank extension files , These are from my 95 P1H copy to a floppy delete the txt extension and load to ram directory make sure your parameters for mcodes and spindle settings under misc parameters match the copy I sent earlier , cycle power and
    make sure you make multiple parameter disks if it works ok.

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    Re: Partner 1 Series H CSM 09000 files

    Thanks bud i'll give these a shot tonight.

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