Hi every one.
Bought a second hand milling machine it ran fine when i looked at it<
Just fired it up at the weekend all looks well but spindle speed,
I can get it to run to 420 RPM NP,
If i put in 800 it starts and then shuts down and the soft ware reboots
I had to input all the Machine parameters all 214 them by hand maybe its an issue here not sure
is there any way I can go back into to them and edit or will i just remove the back up battery and put them in again to be sure.
I can st the speed from 10 to 420 No issues and change it while running. if i put in 430 it just goes back to like 10 if I put in any thing like 1000 it starts to spin up but at around APP 400 ish it shuts off and reboots the software
Any help is useful
PS any one got Electrical drawing for this machine I have all other manuals
Thanks Anthony from Ireland