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    Unhappy Help to open file mistakenly oppened in trial version of vcarve 9.5

    Hi guys, I was working on a file on my original version of vcarve 8.0. Then I downloaded the trial version of it which is 9.5 and opened my file, made several changes during the day and saved it.

    Back then I din't realized that the file wouldn't be able to be opened again in my original 8.0. I'm concerned with this because I could loose not just the progress of what I did today, but what I've been doing the entire past week on my original copy.

    I know I was dum not to think of it before doing that, now I'm just hoping to find some help. I also know I may not be able to have the whole file again.

    I'm wondering if anyone in this forum is capable of opening my file, and saving it for me in the previos 8.0 version. If not, at least you coul'd help me a lot by showing all the layers and exporting the all curves to .dxf or so, I could then reprogram the toolpaths in my original copy.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Help to open file mistakenly oppened in trial version of vcarve 9.5


    Post the file and maybe someone will be able to help you.

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