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    fanuc ot documents

    Hello everybody,
    First of all, i`m new member in this forum, i`m sorry if i sent this post in wrong place.
    i bought a stock dainichi f20 lathe and unfortunately the seller had no documents for it or any fanuc ot series.
    i`ll be glade if there is someone to help me and send these documents for me even it is not for dinichi f20 machine?
    my email is Mohsen.Ebnetorab@gmail.com
    best regards.

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    Re: fanuc ot documents

    We will need to know what version of the 0T control you have. There is at the very least an A, B, C, and D version. I can't be of any help on the machine itself, but I have a fair amount of documentation on the Fanuc parts. It's too labor intensive to scan all the manuals, but quite a few are already online, and if you have specific questions, I'd be glad to scan a few pages or a section of anything that I have that you may need. I'm trying to learn the older controls too. I'm trying to digest this info as I find it. It is truly voluminous, complex, technical confusing, and occasionally has errors. I have not had to think this hard in a long time. LOL

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