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    How to Choose CNC Wood Router Machine For Your Work?

    With the development of furniture industry, new and diversified requirements are emerging on the processing of wood board, the traditional router machine is no longer suitable for the new market demand and the new style CNC router machines are thus developed to meet the production requirements for various types of furniture.

    Different kinds of CNC router machines are available nowadays and the applications differ much. Customers can choose the suitable machine according to different processing requirements. The new style cnc router machines are mainly divided into: single-spindle cnc router machine, multi-spindle cnc router machine, spindle + drilling machine center, double-table cnc router machine, Automatic tool change machining center, etc.

    (1) Single-spindle cnc router machine: This machine is mainly used for cutting, slotting, engraving and drilling of ordinary vertical holes of the board. This machine is the basic type cnc router machine for furniture processing and is characterized of competitive price and stable performance. However, there is only one spindle and tools will have to be changed manually for different works.

    (2) Multi-spindle cnc router machine: This machine is equipped with several spindles, such as 2/3/4, etc, it can carry out cutting, slotting, drilling and other works continuously without changing the tools manually, the processing speed is more than 3/4 times more than the ordinary single-spindle cnc router machine, greatly increasing the working efficiency and saving much time and trouble. It is the most cost-effective machine for the furniture industry.

    (3) Spindle + drilling cnc router machine: Highlight of this machine is that a set of drilling system is equipped on the basis of the other cnc router machines, it can be divided into different types, such as single spindle + drilling system, double spindle + + drilling system, automatic Tool change(ATC) spindle + drilling system, etc. Drilling of vertical holes can be carried out quickly, different drilling tools can be automatically changed according to the sizes of different holes, also, adjacent holes can be drilled at the same time to increase the working efficiency.

    Spindle + drilling cnc router machine
    (4) Double-station cnc router machine: The special feature of this machine is that there are two processing tables, on which two plates can be placed at the same time. Processing of 2 plates can be shifted quickly without stop the working, working efficiency can be thus increased greatly.

    Double-station cnc router machine
    (5) Automatic tool change(ATC) machining center: This CNC router machine is equipped with top brand high-power spindle with high processing speed, the bed is specially customized and the stability is very high. Also, this machine is equipped with an independent tool changer magazine. Several tools can be placed in the tool magazine. The tool can be automatically changed according to different processes requirements. It saves the time of manual tool change and thus is the top machine for furniture industry.

    Automatic tool changer(ATC) machining center
    In addition to the double-station cnc router machine, other cnc router machines can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading platform to save labor cost and increase the working efficiency.

    More information pls visit:https://www.cnclaserengraver.com/how...for-your-work/
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