In our firm 2 CNCs ( both chassis PRO-1000A ) and both are faulty.
1 pictures from both displays.
In Ai200 there is also PC-Card reading problem. I have switch on every time when I put memorycard in.
Wright hand said driver, wich is Z ( I think ) the fan do not run. Fan is Ok.
I think that on both CNC there is power pack faulty.
On the left hand side there, there is a 2 "power supply" clear-box housing.
I am not familiar with what is in the maintenance book level units are situated.
But I could measure their tension and fix it if necessary.
The ESF meter can be found.
I have to take picture from the units.
Ok. Now I have pictures.
Ai200 and 18i both errors are X,Y,Z.
I got 18i working by swiching on and off.
I think that fault is on Power supply, but which Power-pack.