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    RhinoCAM toolpath troubles

    Hello people,

    For my very first step in this comunity I claim your help.

    I'm a recent user of RhinoCAM. I was using Machining Strategist from VeroSoftWare before, anyway there are some stuffs that I'm missing right now.

    Here is an example of a really annoying problem that I totally don't understand.

    Simple shape : cicular drafted surface. (pic 2)

    Simple operation : horizontal finishing precisly

    Simple tool : Ball nose 1.5mm mill (pic 4)

    Process and result : so weeeiiirrd ! (pic 3 & 5)

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    Re: RhinoCAM troubles

    here is the file,

    if someone is able to make light on this strange obscur situation for me I would be really grateful.

    have a good day

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    Re: RhinoCAM toolpath troubles

    Have you tried contacting Mecsoft support? If you're using a legal version of the software, free support is included with the product. The support technician can take over your computer remotely and show you what you're doing wrong.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: RhinoCAM toolpath troubles

    For tp creation RhinoCAM using mesh - NOT NURBS
    Exactly it use rendering mesh. Obviously it set to poor quality for best perfomance
    Go to Rhino Options page, in Document Properties choose Mesh, than check Smooth&Slower radio button.
    Then rebuild TP - you'll see difference.

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