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    Hitachi Seiki HT20 has alarm

    Hitachi Seiki HT20 alarm on power up
    Need help please, I have a Hitachi Seiki HT20 with Fanuc 10TF control. Machine was running great, went to power up machine and now I get a red alarm light and EMG highlighted on the bottom of the monitor screen. Pushing the hydraulic standby button will start the hydraulics but with no axis movement. I Looked at the alarm message and there is nothing showing for reason of alarm.
    I looked in manual and it states that when you get this alarm it could be that either the X or Z Axis clutches are tripped. I have checked both and they both are set correctly.
    I did check all fuses and switches on axis’s and all good.
    Would anyone know what could be causing this alarm?
    Also I checked on the dyonostic page X001 and bit 4 is 1, and on X003 bit 7 is 0.
    But manually checked Z axis clutch and it is engaged.

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    Re: Hitachi Seiki HT20 has alarm

    did you get this figured out? Let me know and Ill do what I can to help!

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    Re: Hitachi Seiki HT20 has alarm

    Low way lube??

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