I parted out a saber 750 a while back. We used the parts we needed, but now I am looking to liquidate the remainder of the parts. Here is a list of what is avaliable:

Spindle Motor - 10000 RPM
Axis servo motor (Z - axis?)
Axis servo motor (X & Y Axis?)
High Speed spindle with through tool coolant (No plaque found)
Vickers - siemens Servo drive
Vickers - siemens video card?
Vickers - siemens Servo drive
Vickers - Siemens Servo Drive
Regulated Power Supply
RS-232-C to Printer (Adaptor?)
Floppy drive

I also have a box of miscellaneous relays and such, listing them seemed rather pointless.

The parts are in Colorado USA.
PM me with serious offers. I can send pictures and part numbers upon request.
Thank you for your time!