I'm running 88HS in Format 2. My G73 peck cycle works fine, but it does not rapid between holes. It moves pretty slow to each new position to drill, which will cause me to die of old age before it's finished. The posted Gcode Looks okay to me. Is this a Fadal G73 Macro issue?

I have to try it again, but I think a regular drilling cycle worked fine

(DRILL 7/16)
N2295 M1
(*** TOOL CHANGE ***)
(T4  D=0.437 CR=0. - DRILL)
N2300 T4 M6
N2305 S750 M3
N2310 G0 E1 X7.8109 Y3.8041
N2315 G43 Z2.5 H4
N2320 M8
N2325 Z2.
N2330 G98 G73 X7.8109 Y3.8041 Z-0.5563 R0+0.2 Q0.1093 P0.0087 F5.2
N2335 X4.344 Y7.524
N2340 X2.1654 Y4.4488
N2345 X2.5591 Y3.1201
N2350 X3.9567 Y0.7874
N2355 X2.8543 Y-2.8543
N2360 X2.3622 Y-4.1339
N2365 X4.344 Y-7.524
N2370 X6.1433 Y-6.1433
N2375 X-6.1433
N2380 X-4.344 Y-7.524
N2385 X-2.3622 Y-4.1339
N2390 X-2.8543 Y-2.8543
N2395 X-3.9567 Y0.7874
N2400 X-2.5591 Y3.1201
N2405 X-2.1654 Y4.4488
N2410 X-4.344 Y7.524
N2415 X-7.809 Y3.808
N2420 G80
N2425 Z2.5
N2430 M5
N2435 M9
N2440 G28 G91 Z0.
N2445 G90