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    Bridgeport Interact 1 Mk2 - spindle drive problem

    Hi all,

    I've had a Interact 1 Mk2 milling machine for several years, and it's (mostly) been fine. However, after a long lay up, 18 months, it blew a capacitor on the KTK drive thyristor board. Well.. I say "blew" - it caught fire.... I've replaced all the caps on the THY-1 board, but now it's popping the main supply breaker almost every time I try to start the spindle; and if I do get any life out of the spindle, it's only a few rotations before it stops. And I think it's going backwards.

    I suspect more damage somewhere else, but I have very little knowledge of how the drive actually works. Replacement KTK Thyristor boards seem to be unobtanium, and the top control boards are ridiculously expensive (although I think mine's OK, I'm pretty sure it's the thyristor board that's toast).

    So - my question to the knowledgeable here: Is there a sensible alternative (i.e. NOT priced at £2k+ - this is a hobby machine, and I can't afford that sort of outlay on a machine that's otherwise full of 40 year old electronics/wiring) to the KTK drive? Is there any other way of driving that BFO motor?

    Everything else seems fine - the machine references fine, the axes all move fine, coolant comes on/off... I just can't get the spindle to spin.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Bridgeport Interact 1 Mk2 - spindle drive problem

    Not sure if this helps Ade but i had a simular problem many years ago with my interact and im pretty sure for memory on that ktk board there is a multi tap transformer that has a lot to do with powering the spindel you may want to do some testing on it but for memory it will appear burnt and will smell it is aprox 30mm square and is soldered to the board.cheers greg

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