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    Who Holds The Key

    Consumers aren’t thrilled with subscription services and here’s why.
    • No physical asset
    • Exceed your credit card limits due to limited funds
    • Too many subscriptions
    • A risky, binding, long-term relationship
    • Confidential information goes to the cloud
    • Time-sensitive support may feel haphazard
    • To terminate means to sacrifice the use of all previous programs
    • To terminate means a loss of investment
    • You must stay connected to the internet
    • Interruption of service jeopardizes fulfillment of your customer’s needs
    • No control over overinflated fees

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    Re: Who Holds The Key

    !00 % agree with subscriptions for hobbyists.
    Free sometimes costs more in the long run.
    Stand alone on older computers and software.
    They gotcha by the keystroke and credit card.
    Gcode and CNC path computing is old stuff now.
    Been doing this too long

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