I need help on this one,

I have a cnc with rack and pignon and I will like to change for a ballscrew systhem
Can i use my step motor nema 34, 650 oZ with ballscrew 16 mm with out reducer for X and Y axes?

My machine will be home made 24 x 36 inches bed mounted with 20mm Hiwin linear guide rail, mounted on T slotted aluminium profile (3030).
I am planning to put my 3 Nema 34/640oz/4.2amps/1.8deg. with killing driver 5.6amps/50 vdc on each side of the bed and 1 on the gantry,
1 Nema 23/255oz/2.8amps/1.8deg. for the Z with killing driver 4.2amps/50vdc.
All this will be mounted directly on 16mm ballscrew (double ballnut) one star 5 turns by inch .2 pitch.
The power is 2 power supplies, 36vdc/10amps and my step motors are connected in parallel.
Regarding the moving weight, I have a T slot aluminium bar 3'x6' with a Bush router(planning to have a 2.2kw air cooling router later).
I am cutting wood, plastic and occasionnaly aluminium. I will need to run the machine around 50 to 200 inch/minute.
I will appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.