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    Yaskawa CACR-IR30SEC-AY20 AC servo drive

    Hi all,

    I got my hands some servo drives, now I'm looking for a way to use them. Have read the available docs about how to drive them. RS422 and PWM inputs are used to control. The RS422 is clear but what the PWM control method means?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Yaskawa CACR-IR30SEC-AY20 AC servo drive

    i have some of these also, any luck on driving them.

    i have some ideas on how the current command works

    First is Quadrature Differential PWM, so basic encoder input.
    there is some math in the current command section the uses the same encoder count as the encoder on the motor this would be a simple way to give a current command from the NC.

    Second is would be U phase PWM is CW current, and V phase PWM is CCW. this would also be a simple way of controlling from an NC.

    Third could be direct current control of the UV phase with the CPU filling in for W. if this is thee case would not even know were to start with controlling them.

    will have too use a differential driver IC no matter what the signaling is because the Error signal for the pwm lines monitors the voltage difference directly from the input lines.
    i have plans to put a test system together soon. any input would help trying to get my motoman 150 running

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