Hello everyone.
In our university, we are using a Kryle VMC 535 3 axis CnC Machine manufactured in April 1993. A month ago a short circuit in our PCs power supply caused probably an over voltage in the PCs USB port (we are using a USB to serial converter), which caused a malfunction in the converter and in the second Serial Port (M5) of our CnCs memory board (the first one (M74) had already been disabled), so we couldn't connect the CnC with a PC anymore. We decided to buy a second hand memory board (A16B 1212 021), afterwards we transferred the Ladder, Software and Spindle chips from the previous one to the one, we've purchased. We input manually all the parameters 0001-9998 (via a hard copy). After power up we got a 408 servo alarm (Serial not ready), we've checked the optical cable connector and we couldn't see any light, also the MPG doesn't seems to work (the lights on the selected axis on the JOG Panel don't light up). We haven't had such problems with the previous board, everything worked fine, except the DNC communication. Has someone a copy of all the Parameters and diagnostics for this machine and how we can input the parameters and the diagnostics?