I have been operating my company’s Sheet lasers for years. There is not a whole lot I don’t know about them, excluding some maintenance work. Currently I’m a shift lead overseeing our laser cutting department. We do not use tru tops programming software any more, we switched to ncell. I noticed after the switch that ncell uses medium and small contour settings for holes a ton more than tru tops did. Often times having holes use medium and small contour when unnecessary. My solution for this was to mirror the large contour setting into the medium and small settings. I have been doing this for months with nothing but success. I have other leads sending emails saying that this is bad for the laser and a poor practice to use. Is this correct? I do not believe I am hurting the lasers at all by doing this. Before anyone says just fix the programming softwares parameters so holes and slots get in the right contour. I have tried that and it has gotten me nowhere. Any advice would be much appreciated because I would like to prove a certain jack off wrong.