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    ATC Macro YCM-V85A Fanuc O-M


    We got a Supermax YCM-V85A with Fanuc O-M control. Unfortunately, all 9000 macros are erased.
    is there anyone who has an identical machine and can send me the program code? In particular the code for the automatic tool change.

    Kind Regards

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    Re: ATC Macro YCM-V85A Fanuc O-M

    I have a late 90's YCI Supermax 3 with a Fanuc OMC with side mount swing arm tool changer that looks nearly identical to the fully enclosed models of your machine type. Attached is my tool change program that came with the machine.

    Check your parameter number 240 and see if it has a 6 there. This is reference to the M code that calls custom macro body O9001, which is the number of this supplied file. If your 6 is in parameter 241 you will have to change this program to 9002. If it's in 242, change to 9003. Likely it will be good as is.

    If you find your "6" in one of the 230-239 parameter range, you will have to rename this file a matching number from O9020-O9029.

    To load O9001 you will need to TEMPORARILY change parameter 10.4 to 0. As soon as you are done loading, change 10.4 back to 1.

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    thank you for your help. In my case, it's a umbrella tool changer. I've tried your postet code before, but it doesn't work.

    It executes O9001, if there is a M6 in the main program. But it stops at M6 in the macro and after a few seconds it shows Error 1024 - ATC cycle Error.

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