I have a customer that wants me to route out his logo and blind mount it onto a large stone (I think it is sandstone because it was sandblasted at one time). What I've came up with is cnc riuting 2 logos for each side out of 6mm ACP & drilling counter sunk holes into the back logo then mounting anchors into the stone & bolting the back logo sold then using some type of epoxy to mount the front logo to the back logo. All hardware MUST BE stainless I don't want it to rust.

My questions does this sound like the most perminate way to do this?

Will the sandstone hold the anchors? & what are the best anchors to use in sandstone for durability?

What type of adhesive / epoxy would be best to mount the 2 logos together? I dont want to see a gap between the 2 pieces. Has anyone ever used any of the Lords adhesives?

Thank you