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    ESS not moving my axis

    Hi Everybody,

    Switching out a machine from the old parallel port to the Ethernet SS with C25 BOB. CPU is talking with the board. got the Estop to function so I know the two are communicating.

    When I power up the ESS and then boot up Mach 3 the lights on the output pins on the BOB all light up until I clear the E stop. I can see the numbers rise and fall on the DRO on the mach screen but no movement on the machine and the led's on the BOB should blink, at least the direction one. Nothing..

    Checked the pin out settings for the motor, so far I'm stumped.

    Thanks in advance!
    Is a sentance fragment?

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    Re: ESS not moving my axis

    What driver is your bob connected to?

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    Re: ESS not moving my axis

    step driver? Gecko 201's
    Is a sentance fragment?

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    Re: ESS not moving my axis

    I think you need to use a multimeter and see where you are losing the signals. Check:
    - Status of pins on diagnostics screen.
    - Status of pin on the ESS.
    - Status of pin on the terminals of the board.
    - Status of pin on the terminals of drive.
    - Status of LEDs for the pins in the breakout board.
    The step pin may be difficult to measure, but the direction pin is easy as it should change from 0 to 5vdc every time you change the commanded direction for the motor.

    If the problem continues, please feel free to open a support ticket in our website and we will give you a hand troubleshooting this:


    Arturo Duncan

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