Whoo I am having a strange one here.

So - key data to help folks understand what I'm doing:

1. UCCNC Controller on a milling machine.
2. UCCNC post processor, also tried the Mach3 one and it did this too.

Reproducing my issue:

Make a simple box shape in Fusion 360. Nothing fancy.
Go into cam, and tell it that the box is in a stock piece that is .1 larger in all directions (inches).
Use 3d Contour to cut the outside faces of the box from the top down. Select tool etc etc.
Look at tool path - looks reasonably good.
Output G-Code and look at it.

HERE is where I'm having the issue. The box will be clocked a few degrees to the clockwise when it makes the part. Also, lol, the part looks horrible.

The G-code is moving both X and Yaxis to make this shape, its not the machine. 2 different parts do this.