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    Would like some input on my project

    I have been working on a part for a yamaha motorcycle that basically replaces the passenger seat. (See attached) I am planning to have the upper and lower pieces thermoformed with 0.1in thick ABS plastic, bonded together, and a metal rod riveted to the mounting base (see the object that looks like a bar going across the bottom of the model)

    So here are my questions: Is the mounting base (the more complex structure) doable with thermoforming, and is it advisable to use thermoforming instead of another manufacturing process for this? My budget for tooling is $5k and I would like to have the cost/part under $30/unit, is this reasonable?

    I realize that the model needs some work like an applied thickness to the upper piece, but am I on the right track or am I better off going another route?


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    Re: Would like some input on my project

    Hi TH - Firstly you need to find your thermoformer. Each one has slightly different equipment and overheads. For instance they may have a big bed machine and do a product that they can co-form yours with and then your costs are down. If they are to set up just for you then there are a lot more costs involved. You also need to specify the run quantity or quantities. You may have to make a mould that forms two parts to take advantage of sheet sizes to minimise waste etc. So talk to thermoformers and get some feedback on your product and then pick one to work with that has a good fit with you. Whatever CAD system you are modelling in you will need to export it in a non mesh geometry or a very fine mesh. If you machined the model as presented you will get all those facets!! Peter

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    Re: Would like some input on my project

    Thanks for the info, it helps a lot! I'll start trying to find a thermoformer to work with.

    I used Rhino 6 to create the file, but was having trouble exporting the objects to .dwg or .dxf until I converted the NURBS objects into a mesh.

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