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    Hire a software developer!

    Good Evening,

    I work for a company which supplies bespoke software applications to customers blog - https://clockwise.software/blog/. These are supplied directly from a software developement company (We sell and support the products which they supply).
    We are now in a position that we would like to take on two software developers and develop further applications in house. We would like to get a consultant to advise us on the directions in which we should be heading so we know the job specifications (programming languages) we require. Currently, the applications are developed in Delphi and are supplied using a client-server setup but we don't know if this is the correct way forward for our business needs.

    We need someone to advise us on the way forward.
    Can any advise where I can find someone to guide us in the right direction?
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    It sounds good, but hard to believe

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    I think that it always is better to hire a trustworthy software development company like Svitla for example because that's actually the only way to get a perfect software solution for a reasonable price.

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