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    SKT200 cooling fan errors.

    I will appreciate some help please.
    I will try to detail below.
    Got hold of a used 2007/ Hyundai kia SKT200 / fanuc 0i from a broker in Germany.
    Dealer told me machine was fully working on seller until prep for shipping.
    After a almost 2 months inactive/ cleaning etc... i finally power up the machine which gave me the following errors.

    9059 SPN1: cooling fan stop in PSM

    I manage to remove, clean/degrease the fans and clear the 701 error which were the 2 fans on top of the control cabinet. So in next power up only the 609 and 9059 error were displayed.
    That procedure gave me some hope that i would also be able to do the same approach for the remaining fans on back of the electric cabinet modules.

    Using the same approach carefully with a small screwdriver I was able to remove the back fans without removing the modules.
    I clean/degrease all the internal(yellow lid) and external(back) fans from the modules, and now they all are working great and ventilating well as far i can tell.
    So i power up the machine and the 609 error disappeared but were replaced with the following errors:

    443 x axis cooling fan failure
    443 z axis cooling fan failure
    610 x axis CNV cooling fan failure
    610 z axis CNV cooling fan failure
    9059 SPN1: cooling fan stop in PSM

    Is there any way to tell from which module this fans are not working?

    The machine has 4 modules in back of the electrical cabinet ordered this way:

    Power supply module - A06B-6110-H011

    Spindle Amplifier Module - A06B-6111-H011#H550

    Servo Amplifier Module - A06B-6114-H207

    Servo Drive - A06B6132H003

    I notice that the power supply module has no fan inside the yellow lid (internal)and the lid is very clean opposed from the other modules lids that were very dirty.
    Is it possible that somebody intentionally remove this parts before shipment?
    Or this module (PSM)not suppose to have this?
    Below is also a photo taken for the back fans of the modules before it was cleaned.
    The order may not be accurate. I will confirm during this week.

    I do not have problems purchasing the fans, but want to be sure it is just a fan problem.
    Hopefully someone has better understanding of this things better than me.
    Thank you in advance.
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