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    Real Air Compressor Use Instead of Cheap Included Unit

    I'm looking for any tips and tricks in connecting an actual air compressor to my 60w Chinese laser unit. Instead of utilizing the small cheap air compressor that was bundled with it.

    Should I bother? Is the included unit enough? I've read that air assist is a hug advantage and the included unit is sub-par.

    Any help would be appreciated. I've searched YouTube and forums and found limited info.



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    Re: Real Air Compressor Use Instead of Cheap Included Unit

    Search Youtube for a user named SarbarMultimedia. Russ has done a pretty detailed study of the effects of airflow, and tested two different sized air pumps on his 50W/60W laser.

    Episode 87:
    Episode 96:
    Episode 116:

    If I interpret his results correctly, more air pressure helps for cutting, but there is a limit. However, he didn't test an actual air compressor (i.e. one with a tank), just two different sized aquarium-type pumps. I use a similar laser/pump on my 50W laser and don't have any issues cutting up to 1/4" material.

    For engraving minimal/no air assist produces cleaner results.

    Reading on SawmillCreek.org, some users have air compressors hooked up to their lasers, but it seems only to be required for cutting very thick materials.


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    Re: Real Air Compressor Use Instead of Cheap Included Unit

    The air pump that came with my machine died shortly after using it. I took it apart and found the bolt holding the rubber valve came loose. The inside was also full of crud from manufacturing. After a good cleaning and lubricating (and using Loc-Tite on the bolt that came loose) it runs much better than new -- a lot quieter and a lot more air output.

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