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    Drilling Rig VS Wireline!!

    Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well out there in the fields!

    I have two opportunities I’m wrestling with. I was just offered a job with a drilling company in Wyoming. $24.50/hr and 7 days on/7 days off. I was leaning towards this job because I know I can progress well into a career with drilling experience and I really like the 7 days off.Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate

    My other opportunity is wireline. My buddy asked me to come work with him and right now he is getting paid $16-17/hr with 1% bonus. (He said I would make a bit more since I have my crane certification.) I’ve done wireline before for about 2 years, was a lead hand, and just about to start the JFE training. Right now they are pretty much only doing pump downs, 12 hour shifts, with 2 hour drive to and from location. The work isn’t hard, just a lot of hours. They are working a 16 days on/4 days off right now. My buddy says he is making about $5,600 take home a month.

    So which one should I go for? Wireline would be easier work and better pay at the beginning, and I could probably work my way to an Engineer but I feel that’s where my career would cap out at. While drilling would have a lot of opportunities for growth (especially when I want to be a DD in the future) and I get those 7 days off

    Anyone got a comparison or tips or advice? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
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    Definitely drill.

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    Hmm,i think it's equal

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