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Thread: No download

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    No download

    it is very hard to trust a product that will not download a piece of software that can be looked at for a trial period. I guess I will try something else.

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    Re: No download

    I thought the same but contacted them via email. It was a remarkably painless experience:

    1. Software link and key turned up within a couple of hours.
    2. Throughout the evaluation period they turned around any "how do I .... ?" questions fast.
    3. When, in the end, I elected to go with something else, I had one email from them at the end of the eval period. I replied, explaining why (I'd shifted job and had access to another product there) and never heard from them again. Not the bullyboy harassment I was expecting about similar engagements with the likes of dolphin, bobcad et al.

    Just send 'em an email. Quite painless, they're very helpful and the software seems pretty good.

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