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    Angry outsourcing website for CAM programming

    It is difficult locating experienced PowerMill Programmers. When my CNC business needs to expand to meet project demands I have to outsource some of the programming.

    A couple years ago I stumbled onto a web service, via a google search, that allowed me post a programming job and have freelance applicants bid the programming jobs. There were lots of qualified overseas candidates in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) that had PowerMill programming experience and software. I got a few jobs done and I was very happy with how well it worked, but I have since lost the link to this service and I can't find it!

    Please help I have a a lot of PowerMill CAM programming jobs on the horizon that can easily be outsourced overseas and I don't remember the site name!

    Does anyone know of or use this type of service?
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    It is not a scam site?

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