Today, a customer reported a issue of router machining, some contoues are not machined but the NC code simulation is good.

Here is the pict that some part are not machined well.

This is the code simulation

comparing the G code, we could see that the radius is in enormous value.

N2775 G01 X37.1072 Y2185.329 Z5.0
N2776 G01 X37.1072 Y2185.329 Z0.5 F500
N2777 G03 X36.9888 Y2162.2353 I12444.4511 J-75.3337 Z-40.0 F500
N2778 G03 X37.0875 Y2037.9863 I12444.5695 J-52.24 Z-40.0 F500
N2779 G03 X38.3082 Y1884.1658 I35487.3825 J204.7196 Z-40.0
N2780 G03 X128.7576 Y1884.814 I26.1556 J2661.2646 Z-40.0
N2781 G01 X128.7576 Y2291.5976 Z-40.0
N2782 G01 X116.6346 Y2291.313 Z-40.0

It's normal that some control couldn't support the big radius arc code. We could correct the part drawing to avoid this issue, but it's not convenient for programer to check the arc radius each time, so the best solution is to do something in postprocessor.

We modified the postprocessor, checing the arc redius when generating nc file. The arc would be converted to line segments if the radius exceeds the Max limitation. Tolerance would be controled also when the arc is convered to lines.