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    Spindle orientation 0imc

    Hello all, hope someone here can help. Working on a machining centre and the spindle will not orient for a tool change or m19, it just spins. The machine has beta motors and drives, and there is a prox switch connected to the spindle drive that reads a gap in a ring on the spindle. The prox is working and voltage is coming into the spindle drive but for some reason the machine doesn't see it. Any ideas?

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    Re: Spindle orientation 0imc

    what happend before?did u canged the belts?

    go into diagnose at 445 and check by rotating the spindle with hand if the position data from 445 diagnose is same with value in parameter 4077 when the proximity sensor is on the gap,if not ,adjust by changing the value of param 4077 that is 4096/360 degrees

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