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    Need help creating a slotted toolpath

    I need to create two slots in a part. One is not straight, it has a jog in it. The endmill is the same size as the slot.
    I can't figure out which toolpath to use, and how to handle the entry and step downs.
    I have created some wireframe geometry to make it easier to select the contours, but I'm still struggling. Slot tool path won't work, it can't handle the bend...
    Any guidance would be much appreciated. I have attached a mcam copy of the part.

    Also, I have to finish bore the 4 counterbores using a single point tool and a boring head. Is there a cycle to do that? I need to finish the bottoms of the holes as well with the same tool.

    Thank you,

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Need help creating a slotted toolpath

    Why not use a smaller endmill for the slots? Unless the 4 counter bores are a very critical dimension, looks like O-ring pockets, why not just interpolate them and not use a boring head. Do the slots and the 4 bores with the same tool.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Need help creating a slotted toolpath

    I could interpolate the slots. The bore dimensions for the counterbores are pretty important.

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    Re: Need help creating a slotted toolpath

    You guys make it seem hard...

    Counterbore....circle for through hole & c'bore
    1...2D contour, select holes only(ensure big arrow is CCW,sml arrow to centre for each), select tool, comp Left, wear comp type, ramp depth pitch(say 1mm), check full profile at depth ON, set lead in/out, set op parameters(top stock,depth etc)
    2... do same for C'bores except depth change & enable multipath ( have 2 passes for each c'bore)

    create geometry for centreline of slots ( if tool is same size as slot)
    3....same op as before BUT set ramp to "plunge" (zig plunge zag plunge effect) step down say 0.5mm
    set comp type to OFF, lead in/out OFF, set depth, slower feed as full width cutting.
    ... if cutter is smaller than slot... geometry is slot profile, cutting parameters same as c'bores ( check lead in/out values, depth)
    note..... you have 4 slots, not 2 as they are separated by the c'bore faces.

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    Re: Need help creating a slotted toolpath

    with the solid you can pick one side of the slot to cut the slot. now you can also use ramp and an entry or the start or you can use a contour and change the whole path into a ramp option by angle or by depth per a zig zag.
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